The man in the wheel chair

Blue mosque, which is one of the most visited places in Istanbul, is a visual delight and architectural marvel. People from all around the world and all faiths get to visit Blue mosque to experience history themselves.

One of the most common sight inside Blue mosque for a tourist is the sea of people capturing the grandeur of the mosque in their frame and featuring themselves and their loved ones in it.

While like most of the photographers I got tempted to shoot the architectural beauty of the mosque but what caught my attention was this untold story between this young child and the man in the wheel chair. The girl had moved out a bit from the family who were busy taking their pictures and was fancied by this differently abled man praying.

This picture is about the striking thoughts that would have passed the child’s mind when she saw this scene, which was so different from what was going around. The thought which I presume would be going around in the child’s mind is when there is a different kind of hustle, bustle picture taking going around, how peacefully and intently this man is praying and having the connection between his almighty and himself. What do you think is going in the child’s mind ?

I am sure this moment would have left a lasting and impactful impression in the child’s mind.

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