A travel photographer by passion, marketer
by profession and change agent by choice.

While my career revolves around finding deep rooted consumer truths and carving out insightful consumer campaigns, my photography focuses on finding the human truth and discovering the wonders of God.

Story telling through pictures about people and places is my dominant style. I love to travel and unravel the untold stories behind faces and places. My story telling style is simple and I do not believe in digital manipulation of pictures as I feel that both nature and people have to be presented in their purest form. God has created them in a purist form without any manipulations so why should we as artists manipulate.

I have travelled 40 countries till now and wish to travel all the countries around the world and want to take that 1 picture for which I will be remembered for life.

I believe that each one of has that amazing gift within ourselves to be the change that we want to see in the world and he believe that photography should have a purpose, and each photographer should click an image with purpose, that conveys a story and has meaning to make this world a better place to be in.

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